Cheers to the Vera Labs team and welcome to the Seahorse Initiative 🥂

Vera Labs is bringing to life the vision of an open financial platform that allows anyone or any app to finance, rent, or lend NFTs.

Vera’s vision is to build open, secure, and powerful NFT financial products…

Solv is offering a $50,000 bug bounty to incentivize developers and white hats to help us secure our protocol by uncovering its vulnerabilities and shortcomings. …

A celebration is in order! Bella, the DeFi suite that gives its users an easier crypto banking experience, is our newest Seahorse Initiative member, and will issue BEL Vesting Vouchers on the Solv Marketplace.

Bella Protocol​ is a suite of open finance products that aims to bring mass adoption to…

Solv’s vesting vouchers will integrate on Polygon to make it easier for projects to manage their project allocations.

Nowadays, project allocations in the DeFi sector as well as the allocation of OTC markets are inefficient and costly, to both projects and investors.

We’re helping Solv the DeFi liquidity issue; Join us and become a part of our KOL CLUB!

As a company that is devoted to solving liquidity issues in DeFi, we are eager to bring the power of vouchers and our vNFT token standard to the masses. This sort of unprecedented innovation is exciting and presents powerful opportunities that will bolster the scalability of the DeFi market. What…

Vouchers give their community members a head start on receiving $HIGH tokens before they are listed!

Highstreet, the latest project to join our Seahorse Initiative, creates a metaverse world that redefines the way products are consumed and sold. …

It’s been a busy month! Solv deployed smart contracts on BSC, was accepted into the DeFi Alliance Accelerator program, and accepted Prometeus, ColdStack, Shield Protocol, Binopoly, and Taker into our Seahorse Initiative.

This month has seen a lot of success for our vesting voucher and Solv Marketplace products, Solv’s flagship…

Solv has purchased $1-million USD worth of insurance coverage through Tidal Finance.

In the pursuit of higher protocol security, Solv has purchased $1-million USD worth of insurance coverage through Tidal Finance.

Solv offers a powerful solution for the primary market, allowing investors to derive liquidity from allocations through vouchers.

We are excited to announce that ColdStack has officially adopted Solv Protocol’s vouchers to manage its $30 million allocations!

Coldstack, a first-to-market aggregator of decentralized data storages like Filecoin and Arweave, provides…

Solv will Give Away $300 to our Official Global Community Members in The Upcoming Quiz Event on Aug 29th, 13:00 UTC🥳!

Hey our awesome Solv Community!

We are excited to announce that we are giving away $300 for the winners in our upcoming Solv Community Quiz Challenge — to find…

Solv Protocol Team

The DeFi platform for creating, managing, and trading Financial NFTs.

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