Announcing Solv Seahorse Fund

A whole new Solv way to safely earn yields on your idle crypto assets over time. It’s like a mutual fund, but way sassier.

Solv Protocol Team
3 min readFeb 16, 2023

As spring rolls around, we’re thrilled to introduce a whole new way to our community to grow crypto assets: Solv Seahorse Fund, a series of investment fund SFTs you can purchase at Solv and redeem your shares for income in the future! It’s like a traditional mutual fund, but much easier to use. And did we mention better returns yet?

💡A Semi-Fungible Token is the most powerful token class since NFTs, which can represent any type of financial instrument and investment vehicle on-chain. To learn more about the SFT, read this tweet.

The first issuance of the Solv Seahorse Fund series, “Crypto Market 2023–02,” will be launched on Polygon on our dApp today. This issue provides a guaranteed 9% APR, and investors can exit at any time and go home with the principal and interest!

(Disclaimer: Solv Seahorse Fund is a form of investment, and users are ultimately responsible for their own funds. DYOR!)

“Crypto Market 2023–02” facts:

📌 Where to purchase: BNB Chain | Polygon

💡Learn about $fvSOLV here.


The yield of the “Crypto Market 2023–02” fund is made up of the interest and incentive, which can be redeemed when your share is bought back from Solv, the issuer. To receive the incentive, the share must be held till the final day of the fund. Investors can look up the net value of the fund (this means principal plus yield, updated in our Discord) and they can sell it to others on Solv’s SFT marketplace to redeem their income.


Investors of the fund may list their shares on the Solv marketplace at a price no higher than the buyback price (this means principal plus interest, updated in our Discord), and the shares listed will be bought back by Solv several days later. When Solv, the issuer, announces the closing of the fund, Solv will buy back all outstanding shares of the fund and pay the incentives to the investors.


Investors receive their incentives in the form of $fvSOLV when the fund is closed (snapshots on the last day) and the actual value of $fvSOLV will be calculated by the floor price of SOLV on that day.

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