Highstreet launches a lucky draw for vouchers powered by Solv Protocol

Solv Protocol Team
2 min readSep 28, 2021


Vouchers give their community members a head start on receiving $HIGH tokens before they are listed!

Highstreet, the latest project to join our Seahorse Initiative, creates a metaverse world that redefines the way products are consumed and sold. With Highstreet, users can buy tokens that represent real products, and exchange tokens for those products in order to own them in real life!

This week, we are proud to announce that not only has Highstreet joined our Seahorse Initiative to mint vouchers and give community members a chance to get in early on $HIGH tokens, they are also conducting a Lunar Vault Run raffle event powered by Solv! This event consists of a lucky draw for their vouchers, and it is LIVE- https://www.foreverfomoducksquad.com/.

Solv, with our vNFT token standard, has enabled Highstreet to allow their users to buy $HIGH tokens before they are listed. The vHIGH Vesting Vouchers that Highstreet is giving out, powered by Solv Protocol, can be exchanged 1-for-1 for $HIGH tokens after Highstreet’s token generation event.

Check Highstreet’s announcement for even more details: https://link.medium.com/UdFQexwvUjb

Why did Highstreet choose Solv?

Vouchers help Highstreet use $HIGH tokens to build goodwill and incentivize adoption before tokens are listed.

Community grants with spot tokens are common in the DeFi world, but vouchers representing lock-up allocations are different. They will establish a stronger relationship between uses and the projects they support.

And with the Solv Marketplace, which allows for the minting, splitting, merging and trading of Vouchers, investors can easily circulate vouchers when needed.

About Highstreet

Founded in 2015 by Travis Wu and Jenny Guo, Highstreet is a commerce-centric metaverse accessible on browsers as well as in native PCVR. With a team of veterans from VR, DeFi, fine art, and hype markets, the mission of Highstreet is to bridge the gap between reality and the digital world, and to redefine the way financial products are consumed and sold on the market. Players are able to form parties to explore a vast new world on the Highstreet interface, own and expand their virtual reality estates, and buy tokenized products from their favorite brands.

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About Solv

Solv Protocol is the decentralized platform for creating, managing, and trading Financial NFTs. As our first Financial NFT product, Vesting Vouchers are fractionalized NFTs representing lock-up vesting tokens, thus releasing their liquidity and enabling financial scenarios such as fundraising, community building, and token liquidity management for crypto projects.

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