Introducing SolvBTC, The First-Ever Yield Bearing Bitcoin

Solv Protocol Team
3 min readMar 19, 2024

SolvBTC, the first-ever yield-bearing BTC, is now LIVE on Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, and Merlin Chain. Solv Protocol serves as a unified liquidity gateway, connecting different networks to create a more inclusive BTCFi ecosystem.

SolvBTC: The First-Ever Yield Bearing BTC

While BTC is highly valuable and secure, the majority remains on the Bitcoin network due to the lack of compelling reasons for holders to move it elsewhere. This results in limited liquidity on Bitcoin scaling solutions, impeding the growth of BTCFi.

Introducing SolvBTC, the first-ever yield-bearing BTC, which enables BTC holders to earn additional BTC or stack sats while maintaining exposure to BTC. This incentivizes other BTC holders to move their assets to Bitcoin scaling solutions, thereby resolving the liquidity issue and unlocking the full potential of BTCFi.

SolvBTC utilizes a multi-strategy framework to generate yield from a combination of multiple trading strategies, achieving a balance between good returns and stability. This approach allows SolvBTC to offer the best yields in the market, estimated at 5%-10%.

Additionally, by integrating with various protocols within each ecosystem, SolvBTC acts as a versatile building block for BTCFi across multiple blockchains. It connects liquidity providers and diverse applications, enhancing the efficiency of all participants.

Solv Protocol: A Unified Liquidity Gateway

Solv Protocol serves as a unified liquidity gateway, enabling seamless interaction of SolvBTC across a wide range of ecosystems, including BTC Layer-2s, Ethereum, Arbitrum, and more.

Solv aggregates the highest-quality yields from different ecosystems and tokenized them into SolvBTC, which can be easily transferred and traded. SolvBTC already provides good yields on its own, and this is further enhanced by additional yield opportunities when SolvBTC is utilized in other DeFi protocols, unlocking the full potential of BTCFi.

Solv has established partnerships with leading protocols in each ecosystem, such as GMX on Arbitrum and Merlinswap on Merlin Chain, to bring the highest potential yields to our users. At Solv, we believe that by collaborating with the best builders in the space, we can offer the best of BTCFi to BTC holders.

Let’s stack sats together!

SolvBTC has been launched on Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, and Merlin Chain, with plans for further expansion to other blockchain networks. This solidifies its position as the world’s first omnichain yield-bearing BTC asset.

As a final surprise, Solv will soon introduce a point system to provide additional benefits for early SolvBTC adopters. Stay tuned for more details and exciting updates!



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