Introducing Solv’s Partnership with Native: Unlocking New Liquidity and Yield Opportunities

Solv Protocol Team
2 min readJun 20, 2024


Since its launch in 2023, Native has emerged as a leading provider of capital-efficient and optimally-priced liquidity for traders, solvers, and market makers. In an increasingly multi-chain environment, Native has addressed challenges like fragmentation, inefficient pricing, and idle assets on obscure DEXs by introducing a revolutionary liquidity paradigm: Peer-to-Professional Market Maker liquidity.

With the introduction of Native Lend (, Professional Market Makers can now access pooled liquidity provided by LPs on credit. This innovation enhances pricing ability, capital efficiency, and addresses fragmentation. LPs earn a portion of the credit financing fees paid by Market Makers and, notably, since LPs supply single-asset liquidity through Native Lend, they avoid the impermanent loss prevalent in other protocols.

We are thrilled to announce that Native Lend’s incentivized launch will feature a comprehensive rewards program in collaboration with Solv. This partnership offers early adopters the chance to earn attractive Annual Percentage Yields (APY) on their supplied capital.

Solv Protocol: Optimizing Yield and Liquidity

Solv Protocol is revolutionizing yield aggregation and liquidity management by tokenizing and consolidating high-quality yields from diverse sources. At the heart of Solv’s offerings are “Liquid Yield Tokens,” designed to unlock a wide array of earning opportunities across the blockchain ecosystem. Our flagship product, SolvBTC, empowers users to seamlessly participate in the growing “BTCFi” space, serving as the key to unlocking Bitcoin-powered DeFi across all chains.

Incentivized Launch with Native Lend

To foster early adoption of Native Lend, the earliest LPs are estimated to earn upwards of 66% APY on their deposited capital. Participants who join later in the campaign can still benefit significantly, potentially earning APYs of 25% or higher.

Revenue streams for this incentive program include:

  • Incentives denominated in Native’s own tokens
  • Additional rewards in Solv points
  • Financing fees from market makers and solvers
  • Supplying fees akin to those in common lending and borrowing protocols
  • Trading transaction fees

The incentivized launch encourages LPs to supply $SolvBTC, igniting a flywheel effect of robust, efficient liquidity that can be traded at optimal prices through Native Swap. This collaboration ensures the Solv community benefits from better pricing, yield opportunities, and an enhanced overall user experience.



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