Introducing Solv’s Point System: Earn XP and Unlock Rewards

Solv Protocol Team
3 min readApr 5, 2024

At Solv, we’re excited to introduce our innovative point system, designed to reward users who participate in our ecosystem.

Phase 1 — Its Bitcoin Season!

Phase 1 of Solv’s Point System will focus on SolvBTC, the world’s first-ever yield-bearing Bitcoin. SolvBTC aims to fill the huge demand gap for Bitcoin holders, by enabling them to earn native yield while maintaining asset exposure.

How It Works

  1. Basic XP
  • Earn basic XP by depositing funds into Solv Vaults.
  • Higher Deposit: The more you deposit, the more basic XP you earn
  • Longer Time Held: Holding your deposit longer increases your basic XP.
  • Basic XP = (XP per dollar deposited) x (Time Held)
  • XP is updated daily. A daily snapshot is taken to record the value of funds staked in the incentivized vaults.
  • NOTE: SolvBTC purchased from secondary markets DOES NOT generate any XP.

2. Referral XP:

  • Accumulate XP through referrals.
  • Receive additional XP equal to 10% of basic XP earned by your referral.

3. Boosted XP:

  • Obtain XP boosts by reaching investment thresholds or participating in community events
  • Boosted XP = (Basic XP) x (XP Boost Multiplier)


SolvBTC purchased from secondary markets DOES NOT generate any XP.

Only EVM-compatible addresses are supported in this points system.

What’s In It For You:

  • Earn XP to receive Solv airdrop tokens in the future.
  • redacted of airdrop tokens will be allocated to this point system and early adopters of Solv.
  • Get the chance to be eligible to further airdrops within the thriving BTCFi ecosystem.

Solv Recap:

  • Solv has achieved a TVL of more than $150M, delivering high-quality yields to over 35K users.
  • More than 2,000 BTC is now entrusted with Solv, solidifying our position as a leading BTCFi protocol.
  • Solv is backed by industry giants such as Binance Labs, Nomura, Mirana Ventures, and Blockchain Capital.
  • SolvBTC is now live on Arbitrum and Merlin Chain, with many more to come in the future.
  • Solv has established partnerships with the best builders of each ecosystem (eg. GMX on Arbitrum, MerlinSwap on Merlin Chain), and is committed to working with the very best of each ecosystem.

SolvBTC’s Endgame

  • SolvBTC to be the liquid strategy token (LST) of BTCFI, allowing BTC holders to engage in BTCFi while earning native yield on their BTC.
  • SolvBTC as the key building block of each will strive to expand to more ecosystems, and work with the best builders of each ecosystem.


  1. What happens if I redeem my deposited funds?
  • SolvBTC: Take note that the first redemption period will only happen in June.
  • Trading Strategies: You will not be able to generate XP once you redeem your deposited funds.

2. Will I lose my XP boost if I redeem my funds?

  • Your XP boost is dynamically adjusted based on your daily investment amount. If you fail to maintain the current investment threshold, your boost level will automatically decrease.

3. Why do I not receive XP by purchasing SolvBTC from a DEX?

  • SolvBTC purchased from secondary markets DOES NOT generate any XP.

4. Why have I not received any boost by participating in community events by Solv?

  • Event XP Boost will apply after the first two weeks of the Solv Point System. During the first two weeks, everyone will be eligible for a Double XP Boost for being early!



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