Join us and become a part of Solv KOL CLUB!

Solv Protocol Team
2 min readSep 29, 2021

We’re helping Solv the DeFi liquidity issue; Join us and become a part of our KOL CLUB!

As a company that is devoted to solving liquidity issues in DeFi, we are eager to bring the power of vouchers and our vNFT token standard to the masses. This sort of unprecedented innovation is exciting and presents powerful opportunities that will bolster the scalability of the DeFi market. What could make this more exciting, you ask? Having devoted partners join us for the journey of bringing our product to market!

Solv Protocol will commence the recruitment of our Solv Protocol KOL CLUB on September 29, 2021, in order to expand our operations and strengthen the value add of our products to the grander DeFi sector. If you are interested in Solv and want to join our family, come join the Solv Protocol KOL CLUB!

👑 Membership basic requirements

  • Your vision aligns with Solv’s product concept and you are ready to work closely with the Solv team to promote project development.
  • Be an enthusiastic and ardent supporter of Solv and our mission.
  • Be able to provide connections and networking within the crypto industry.

✉️ Membership application

If you meet the aforementioned requirements, please click the link below and register:

📌 Membership benefits

Members will enjoy invaluable advantages when using Solv products:

  • Priority over ordinary users when listing and purchasing project vouchers.
  • Have the opportunity to obtain the whitelist qualification of Solv Protocol.
  • Get project vouchers to give out as a gift for your community.
  • A Solv whitelist award will be given to those who successfully recommend other quality projects to collaborate with Solv, organize AMA and make videos about Solv.
  • Access to direct, one-on-one communication and premium support from the Solv team.

🎒 Member duties

  • Share news about Solv’s products.
  • After onboarding to the Solv Protocol KOL Club, share the news on your official Twitter and other channels.
  • Over the course of tenure in the Solv Protocol KOL Club, publish at least one important piece of news each month about Solv on Twitter/Telegram/Discord/WeChat. Every two months, release at least one video about Solv on Youtube or on another reputable media outlet.

The past year has proven quite promising for Solv, and the future holds even greater successes for us. Watch out for some pretty exciting product and partner announcements coming up soon. And join us to be a part of the Solv journey, won’t you?

About Solv Protocol

Solv protocol is a decentralized platform for minting, managing, and trading Financial NFT. Vesting Voucher is our first product to unlock liquidity in a wide range of financial scenarios, including financing, community incentives and Token liquidity management.

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