Solv is Recruiting Community Volunteers

  • Fluent in English and Chinese with strong communication skills
  • Experience in community management
  • Being passionate, positive, and responsible at work
  • Experience in blockchain, believe in blockchain technology
  • Believe in Solv and the vision of Solv, and be enthusiastic about DeFi & NFT
  • Evangelist of Solv technology for the community.
  • Stimulate the Solv community with creative ideas and active engagements.
  • Help manages the Solv community, recording community issues from all platforms and responding accordingly.
  • Exclusive early access to the Solv’s latest news and development progresses.
  • Rewards in fiat money and internal subscription quota.
  • Opportunities of international communication in the Solv community, and face-to-face with the Solv core team who are aiming to revolutionize DeFi.



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Solv Protocol Team

Solv Protocol Team

The DeFi platform for creating, managing, and trading Financial NFTs.