Solv Contribution Program

Solv Protocol Team
2 min readNov 26, 2023

Solv Contribution Program is LIVE!

What is this program?

Solv contributors are passionate, volunteer enthusiasts who teach and share Solv with others. They could be community members who do the weekly tasks to speak for Solv or they could also be ambassadors who lead local communities, organize online and offline events, produce tutorials, share translations, and much more. By participating in this program, you will be guided to build Solv together with the core team as a family and receive rewards based on your ranking!

Benefits just for Solv Contributors

  • The top addresses, ranked by the number of contribution credits you collected, will be specially rewarded at the end of this program. Detailed rules will be updated gradually.
  • Supports from Solv team to assist Solv core contributors to build the local community.
  • Instant incentives given back to the participators, usually for the raffle winners or contest winners.
  • Privileges for core contributors. eg. Regular webinars with the Solv team; Early access to new features; Direct access to members of the Solv team for questions, suggestions, etc.

How to join

  1. Join the Solv discord and find the “contribution — program” channel
  2. Participate in events released in the channel mentioned above and build Solv with us to accumulate the contribution credits.


What if I’m a longtime user and have been participated in many events, does it mean I should start over again?

  • Definitely not. If you’ve been connecting with Solv by participating the past events on Galxe, the valued ones should be recorded in the form of seahorse points and as long as your seahorse points rank high, you will get a certain number of contribution credits accordingly, detailed rules tbd.

What’s the special rewards and how do I know if I’m qualified?

  • The form or number of rewards is not determined but the core members from this program will win the generous rewards. We’ll updates your ranking and announce the details step by step.

Is this the only way to get Solv community rewards?

  • Ofc not, this is only the first round and a small part.

Join Solv discord server for more details:



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