Solv News: August — September, 2021

It’s been a busy month! Solv deployed smart contracts on BSC, was accepted into the DeFi Alliance Accelerator program, and accepted Prometeus, ColdStack, Shield Protocol, Binopoly, and Taker into our Seahorse Initiative.

This month has seen a lot of success for our vesting voucher and Solv Marketplace products, Solv’s flagship products that allow for the minting, managing and trading of project allocations in the form of Vouchers! Below you will find our recent milestones and progress as it relates to these two products.

🧰Dev Updates:

100% developed

BSC projects rejoice! On August 5th, Solv Vouchers successfully deployed smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), marking our expansion to offering cross-chain functionality to our users🚀

The H5 product page is now LIVE. Now, users can access the Solv platform through their mobile devices!



After projects Prometeus, ColdStack, Shield, Binopoly, and Taker adopted our vesting vouchers, the Solv platform’s TVL has reached just under $30 million at the time of writing!

Seahorse Initiative

Our Seahorse Initiative is an open community project that brings together projects looking for liquidity management and the thousands of market participants on our platform waiting to buy allocations. This month was quite active, as we onboarded 5 projects to the initiative.

Over the course of August and September, we witnessed Solv Voucher success stories in the form of $DODO and $PROM vesting vouchers. DODO and Prometeus, respectively, are two projects we onboarded via the Seahorse Initiative. They set out to use vouchers to build their communities and saw increased liquidity and token price.

The aforementioned Prometeus, a secure and decentralized layer 2 protocol that allows fully trustless and anonymous data exchange and storage, released 4,000 $PROM tokens as Vesting Vouchers through the Solv Marketplace (Ethereum Mainnet).

ColdStack, Shield Protocol and Binopoly officially adopted vouchers to manage their allocations as well.

Solv entered into a partnership with NFT loan protocol Taker to further improve the liquidity of Financial NFTs created on Solv.

Solv launched an insurance fund to cover up TVL through Tidal Finance, boosting Protocol Security.

📰Activities & News

Solv was accepted into the DeFi Alliance Accelerator program as a part of their Cohort 5.

We hosted an AMA with Charles Smith, core contributor of Shield, alongside our Co-Founder, Ryan Chow, in our Telegram. Thanks to everyone who came out, and to those who haven’t joined yet, join or Telegram group to get the latest updates and participate in events like our AMAs-

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