Solv News: November-December 2021

This year is ending with a bang💥: The Solv IVO, the first of its kind, was a resounding success, and we completed our Series A

Solv Protocol Team
4 min readDec 30, 2021

These past two months were arguably our biggest of 2021, and it’s no wonder why. At the end of November, we completed our Series A funding round. In December we conducted the Solv IVO, which generated over 2 million BUSD in trade volume and caused the floor price of our Voucher to hit 4.3 times its opening price! We onboarded some amazing projects via our Seahorse Initiative, and dropped Solv v2.5, vastly improving the user experience for projects and investors alike.

📰Activities & News

Our IVO!

On December 13th, we minted 1,000,000 $SOLV into Vouchers and issued them on Solv Marketplace and Binance NFT. And we saw incredible results:

  • Floorprice of SOLV Voucher on Binance NFT: 4.3 times the opening price
  • Trade volume : over 2million USD on Binance NFT and Solv platform
  • Addresses that have interacted with Solv Protocol: 5665

Series A

We completed our Series A, which saw us raise $4 million, and which was led by Blockchain Capital, Sfermion and gumi Cryptos Capital.

🧰Dev Updates:

Solv v2.5 was released:

With the launch of our IVO marketplace, projects are able to plan their own Voucher sale according to their specific needs. Retail investors can participate in allocation investment directly, as well as buy or sell locked token allocations in the secondary marketplace before tokens are released. v2.5 gets us closer to our goal of facilitating a stronger relationship between projects and their early community members.


Seahorse Initiative

Yin Finance, a liquidity management platform, hopped aboard and will be managing allocation liquidity by issuing their own Vouchers!

OpenSwap, the DeFi hub boasting the best on-chain pricing and multi-chain arbitrage and trading joined us as well, and will issue $OSWAP Vesting Vouchers on Solv Marketplace. With this, they can improve the value of their existing staking program.

DeHorizon, a metaverse game ecosystem, joined just last week, and will launch $DEVT Vouchers on Solv marketplace, improving the transparency and transferability of the DEVT token for their stakeholders.

izumi Finance, a project offering Programmable Liquidity as a Service, joined the Seahorse Initiative and conducted its IVO.

🧠Solv Readings:

Our co-founder Ryan Chow wrote a thought-provoking piece on how projects reward early users.

Our co-founder Will Wang had an interview about ERC3525 with Edward Moon of Publish0x and Hackernoon

(check out his Twitter thread as well!)

And if you want to learn how to use our marketplace to either take part in an IVO, or if you are a project and are interested in seeing how to conduct your own, check out these tutorials!

A tutorial to show you how to navigate the Solv Marketplace:

Here you will learn how to withdraw Vouchers from Binance NFT:

An FAQ for the SOLV IVO, the first IVO:

What a past couple of months, and indeed, what a year! We are so grateful for everyone’s continued support and are mighty proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish. But of course, we’re only getting started, so cheers everyone and here’s to looking forward to a bright and successful 2022🥂

About Solv Protocol

Founded in 2020, Solv Protocol is a decentralized marketplace for the minting and trading of NFTs that represent financial equity and complex ownership, also known as “Vouchers”. Solv aims to resolve one of the most pressing problems in the emerging field of DeFi — the absence of an efficient and flexible tool to express complicated financial contracts. And by bringing Vouchers to the table, Solv offsets that gap.

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