Solv News: September — October, 2021

Over the course of September and October, we have onboarded the mighty Highstreet, Bella Protocol and Vera Labs to our Seahorse Initiative, helping them bring liquidity to project allocations and foster a closer connection with their communities. We’ve also embarked on a couple of new adventures in the form of our Solv KOL Club, which aims to assort and connect a network of influential voices within the DeFi space, and our Solv Bug Bounty- in partnership with Immunefi- that will make our platform the most secure in the NFT-verse! …aaaaand we are LIVE on Polygon🚀

🧰Dev Updates:

100% developed:

We are now LIVE on the Polygon blockchain and have received Polygon developer grants as well!!! This marks another step in our mission to offer cross-chain functionality to our community.



As a result of our recent onboarded, our TVL has reached $36million and boasts over 1,000 unique Voucher owners!

A New Use Case for Vouchers: Better Staking

Vera Labs has further developed their staking program with Vera Vouchers. Users can now get an exclusive NFT collection and transfer vouchers representing their financial position.

Seahorse Initiative

Bella Protocol issued their own vouchers on our marketplace, bringing their project allocations liquidity and their pre-IDO discovery to their tokens. Now, long-term supporters of Bella can invest in their favorite project, and Bella’s token’s can achieve their full potential.

Highstreet, as a part of them hopping aboard the Seahorse Initiative, kicked things off with a raffle of their vesting vouchers, giving their fans the opportunity to receive $HIGH.

📰Activities & News:

We launched our KOL Club at the end of September as a part of our mission to further DeFi liquidity. We think that what better way to do that than bring together the best minds in DeFi and work together! Fill out this form if you want to join and pave the future of DeFi!

We launched a $50,000 bug bounty program with the help of our friends at Immunefi in order to make our protocol a more secure place for our community.

🧠Solv Readings:

Our co-founder Ryan Chow wrote a piece about how Vesting Vouchers can help a protocol manage token lockups or finance itself by selling them.

Learn more:

Solv Protocol: Official Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Discord

Apply to be a part of the Seahorse Initiative!




The DeFi platform for creating, managing, and trading Financial NFTs.

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Solv Protocol Team

Solv Protocol Team

The DeFi platform for creating, managing, and trading Financial NFTs.

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