Solv x KTX.Finance: Introducing the New Fund Pool With Exciting Rewards!

Solv Protocol Team
4 min readNov 14, 2023

Solv is excited to announce a collaboration with KTX.Finance, the first and largest perpetual decentralized Perp DEX on Mantle Network. Through this partnership, we will introduce the KTX Delta-Neutral Pool, a new fund that will go live on November 15th. But that’s not all! As an added bonus, we’ll be offering $KTC and $fvSOLV rewards to all our investors.


KTX.Finance, Mantle Network’s first perpetual exchange, is an on-chain decentralized derivatives trading protocol that utilizes a unique multi-asset liquidity pool.

Traders on KTX.Finance trade against the KLP pool, which is a multi-asset liquidity pool consisting of 50% stablecoins and 50% blue-chip crypto assets like BTC, ETH, and BNB. Liquidity providers can deposit blue-chip assets into the KLP pool and receive up to 70% of the trading fees generated by the protocol.

Fund Strategy and Risk Control

This fund implements a delta-neutral strategy. It offers liquidity on KTX.Finance while mitigating asset price risk on Bybit, thereby transforming the KLP into a financially rewarding instrument with low risk.

Solv has custom-designed risk control strategies for this fund. In the event of unforeseen market fluctuations, our robust security measures promptly detect anomalies and facilitate swift actions such as asset pausing or liquidation, thereby minimizing potential losses.

Breakdown of Returns

The yields of KTX Delta-Neutral Pool come from four main sources:

  1. Trading fees: the fund earns trading fees by providing liquidity on KTX.
  2. Profit and Loss (PnL) from counterparties: by providing liquidity on KTX, LPs also benefit from the profit or loss generated by the traders they provide liquidity.
  3. Funding Rates: the fund manager hedges exposure in CEX using a portion of the fund and earns funding rates.
  4. $KTC and $SOLV Incentives: fund investors will receive rewards as a bonus
  • In total, no less than 30,000 $KTC and 15,000 $SOLV tokens will be distributed within two months.
  • A snapshot of the pool’s Assets Under Management (AUM) will be taken daily, and incentives will be distributed weekly based on the proportion of investment shares.
  • Both $KTC and $SOLV tokens follow a vesting model, where the full amount of vested $KTC can be gradually unlocked over a 12-month period starting from the date you received it, and $SOLV tokens can be gradually unlocked over a 12-month period after TGE.

Estimating your Rewards

Fund investors would be able to enjoy a juicy yield independent of market volatility risk. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the fund’s potential yields:

a. $ETH APR: ~10.1% (KLP yield from trading fees accrued)

b. $KTC APR: ~16.7% (Additional incentives from KTX.Finance)

c. $fvSOLV APR: ~23.1% (Additional incentives from Solv Protocol)

Total APR: ~49.9%

How to Participate

The KTX Fund is an open-ended fund that exclusively caters to whitelisted users during its Private Sale phase and transitions to a public fund thereafter.

The Private Sale phase spans the first two weeks following the fund’s launch, during which access will be restricted to whitelisted users. This limited access provides every investor with the opportunity to secure higher $KTC and $SOLV incentives. Subsequently, the fund will be open to all users, enabling broader participation.

To get whitelisted, follow these steps:

  1. First, ensure that you hold the Citizens of Mantle (CoM) NFT.
  2. Second, submit your registration through this form. We will add your address to the whitelist within 24 hours.

After the first two weeks, the fund will be open to all users, enabling broader participation.

Solv is actively expanding our reach, aiming to provide users with access to high-yielding opportunities across multiple chains and protocols. We are committed to enhancing active liquidity management through innovative fund strategies, offering controlled risks and attractive returns.

About Solv V3

Officially launched in 2023, Solv V3 has pioneered the construction of a trustless fund infrastructure based on ERC-3525. It also achieved decentralized collaboration between trusted institutions to offer transparent, non-custodial DeFi risk control. It allows global investors to access varied, trusted crypto investments on one transparent and secure platform, and empowers excellent fund managers to efficiently raise capital and build on-chain credibility.

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