SolvBTC will Integrate Restaking Yield from Babylon

Solv Protocol Team
3 min readApr 30, 2024

Bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization, has faced limitations in terms of scalability and programmability, which have hindered its practical usability. Unlike Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks, the Bitcoin network does not require staking of Bitcoin to ensure security and lacks the ability to develop applications that create use cases, resulting in a significant liquidity gap. This has been a significant drawback for both the cryptocurrency world and Bitcoin holders.

Babylon is building a native BTC staking protocol which extends BTC security to PoS chains, roll ups, and AVS. As a native yield platform, Solv utilizes SolvBTC to establish an inclusive and dynamic BTCFi ecosystem. Solv tokenizes various sources of yield and integrates them seamlessly with different networks and protocols, thereby activating the idle liquidity of Bitcoin. In collaboration with the Babylon team, Solv integrates BTC staking yields into SolvBTC, unlocking the industry’s largest pool of idle liquidity.

BTCFi Centered around SolvBTC

How can the full potential of BTCFi be realized? Solv will serve as a yield tokenization layer by tokenizing staking, restaking, and DeFi trading yields into SolvBTC. This integration brings Bitcoin’s liquidity into various DeFi protocols, sparking the growth of a thriving BTCFi economy.

Solv has implemented a decentralized asset management architecture that incorporates various modules, including built-in security guards and oracles. By leveraging smart contracts, Solv establishes a trustless process standard prioritizing the absolute security of assets, offering users access to highly competitive income sources.

Understanding Babylon Staking Rewards

Babylon enables users to stake BTC on the Bitcoin network, which can be used to secure external networks such as PoS networks. Users can remotely self-custody their BTC and stake it in a Bitcoin script on the Bitcoin blockchain, meaning Bitcoin holders can securely convert their idle Bitcoin into staking assets for PoS blockchains and earn rewards from it.

The collaboration with Babylon represents a significant milestone for Solv as we strive to enhance the value proposition of SolvBTC and unlock the vast potential of Bitcoin within the DeFi ecosystem. Since its launch in April, SolvBTC has gained significant traction, with over 12,000 BTC staked on the Solv platform through networks like Merlin Chain, BNB Chain and Arbitrum. Solv is committed to gradually introducing high-quality yield sources, to benefit its 30,000+ active participants.

In the midst of Bitcoin Season, Solv is committed to collaborating with the best builders to provide high-quality yield opportunities for Bitcoin holders. Together, we aim to drive growth in the BTCFi ecosystem.

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