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Have you ever wondered how much profit you could make by investing $10,000 in a fund over 90 days?

Since the launch of Solv V3, many fortunate addresses have snapped up funds. Were you one of those fortunate few? Or did you agonizingly miss out every time new funds dropped? Well now, Solv is introducing Open-Ended Fund, without restrictive issuance periods, so you can jump in and participate according to your schedule!

Even more exciting, to reward long-time supporters, Solv has set up a Seed Money pool and will publicly select users to split it! This exciting event will unfold in two phases, with the first phase starting on July 24th. In this initial phase, 3 selected users will evenly split a $30,000 Seed Money Pool, with each receiving $10,000 to pioneer investing in the new open-ended funds on Solv V3.

The Seed Money can only be used to invest in Solv V3’s open-ended funds. Users will have access to the Seed Money for 90 days. After 90 days, any profits made belong to the user, while the original Seed Money is returned to Solv.

Basic Information About the Giveaway

Date and Time

The first phase of the Giveaway event will start at 2:00 UTC on July 24th and end at 2:00 UTC on July 30th.

The winners can use the Seed Money from July 31st to October 31st.

Entering is Easy!

Go to Galxe :

  1. Follow Twitter (@solvprotocol)
  2. Join the Solv Discord
  3. Join the Solv Telegram
  4. Retweet the event tweet and tag three friends
  5. Visit Solv official website

After completing these tasks, you will have a chance to win $10,000 in Seed Money to invest in a Solv fund for 90 days. Just be patient and notice our announcement for the event on Twitter.

A Breakdown of the Seed Money Process

Step 1 — Claim Your Prize

On July 30th, Solv will announce the three winners’ addresses on Twitter. Winners need to go to Solv discord, connect their Discord account to their winning address through the bot, and leave a message in the designated channel.

Solv will create a 2/3 multisig wallet for each winner, and transfer $10,000 to each multisig address. The wallet is controlled jointly by Solv, the user, and SFT Labs, requiring at least two signatures for any transactions.

Step 2 — Purchase Fund on Solv V3

You need to use the multisig wallet to login to Solv V3 and purchase $10,000 of the Solv Blockin-GMX Fund.

Step 3 — Track Fund Performance

You can login to Solv V3 and view the NAV, latest APR, and other real-time performance data on the Blockin-GMX Fund details page.

Note: You can login with any address to check the fund’s performance, not just the multisig wallet.

Step 4 — Check your Fund Share

You can use the multisig wallet address to login to Solv V3, and view share balance, NAV, and other details under “My Assets”. You can also check this by viewing the SFT (the certificate of fund share) they bought on any supported NFT wallet or platform like Debank, Element, and Opensea by inputting the multisig wallet address. SFT tokens display fund share amounts, NAV, and more.

Step 5 — Redemption

On Oct 31th, You can request redemption. Contact Solv or the KOL to initiate redemption on Solv V3. Upon successful redemption, Solv will withdraw the original $10,000 capital, while you keep the profit.

About Open-End Fund

The first open-ended fund on Solv V3 will be the Bockin-GMX Fund, utilizing a delta neutral strategy. For a live example of a fund with this same strategy, check out the Blockin Delta Neutral Fund_2023_04 on Solv V3 — its past performance can give you an idea of what to expect from the new open-ended version.

For more details about the open-ended fund structure, please refer to: Open for Investing 24/7: An Introduction to Open-End Funds on Solv V3

Other Notes

Solv reserves the right to ban or restrict participation for any improper activities, including but not limited to multiple account registrations, tampering, cyber attacks, etc.

Don’t let this unique opportunity pass you by! The lucky winner might be you — participate to get your share of substantial profits from these open-ended funds. We sincerely invite you to join and see the benefits firsthand!

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